The Curatoreum: /kjʊˈreɪ.tər ri.əm/ noun, an expansive collection of desirable mixed, sifted and selected books and objects organised by experts in a thoughtful and inspiring way in anticipation of amusement and delight for the curious partaker. The Curatoreum is an independent bookshop. We have two stores in Canberra, at the National Arboretum and the National Portrait Gallery.

At The Curatoreum we support Australian publishers, authors and artists. We specialise in art, botany, design and photography and offer an extensive range of biography, history, literature and children’s picture books. We are constantly expanding our range by accessing the international book trade, importing publications from overseas on a weekly basis and tracking down hard to find and obscure titles. The Curatoreum’s two unique locations are ideal for presenting the best of Canberra’s creative talent. We source jewellery, art and design from local and national makers and craftspeople with gifts and the home in mind.